• Symposium  ISACNA 2018

2018 International Symposium on Aviation Cooperation in Northeast Asia Aims and Scope

    • The symposium aims to drive the growth of aviation industry by cooperation among aviation companies in Northeast Asia.
      Encouraging the exchanges of experts in the aviation sector will be expected to promote mutual understanding and to build a cooperative network on aviation markets in Northeast Asia. In the Symposium, various topics are discussed among participants for sustainable competitiveness in the markets. Major topics are related to, but not limited to, the following areas.

      ■ Open Sky Policy
      ■ JV and Its impact
      ■ Route Development Strategy in NEA
      ■ Traffic Demand in NEA
      ■ Aviation Services and Economic Impacts
      ■ New Business Models
      ■ LCC Policy in NEA
      ■ Air-Tourism Cooperation
      ■ ETC.

                                    Operation Committee

      - 조직위원장 : 윤문길 (한국항공대학교)
      - 조직위원회 : 김철우 (항공대), 이동명 (항공대), 홍성태 (상명대)
                            김제철 (KOTI), 박순천 (KAC), 한도희 (성결대)
                            이휘영 (인하공전), 황명선 (동국대), 강명수 (한성대)
                            이원식 (KIAST), 송기한 (KOTI)
      - 운영위원 : 윤문길, 김철우, 한도희, 김제철, 이휘영, 허주희
                         전은진, 완짠웨이